Monday, April 11, 2016

19th Century 1848 Zachary Taylor Festival Invitation

Paging the hardcore political junkies!

19th Century Zachary Taylor Festival Invitation

Political Elections were a bit different back then, and the Taylor Presidental Campaign dragged on a bit, before, I think, Ohio, pushed him over.

Some local Massachusetts politicos decided to celebrate Taylor's election;
Grand Taylor Festival 
At The Town Hall Tauton
On Tuesday Eve'g Dec. 5, 1848
For Mutual Congratulation upon the Election of Zachary Taylor to the Presidency of the United States
It offers 4 columns of "Managers", and Music by The Steyermark Music Company

This little invitiation is in great condition, and we have the original envelope for it, which is a bit faded

If you are collecting Political Memorabilia, this should be a "Must-Have" get for you, as we will call it "Hard To Find", if not "Rare".

Make your way here to 13909 Antiques to score this great 19th Century 1848 Zachary Taylor Festival Invitation

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