Thursday, May 5, 2016

19th Century Girodon & Montet Brass Stoker Warmer

Be glad you have indoor heat nowadays.

Funky item here, on a couple of counts

19th Century Girodon & Montet Brass Stoker Warmer

Made in Lyon, France, it is a foot, or bed warrmer.

It was used in carriages, trains, or in bed, used to warm feet, or other, by putting hot coal, or other heat-carrying material in it.

It measures 7 5/8" Long x 2 1/8" Tall and 5 1/2" wide. made of brass.

The other funky part of this, coming from the collector we procured this from (who had purchased it, decades ago, in a Conneticutt antique shop), is that it once belonged to the legendary stage actress Katherine Cornell, who was known as "First Lady of the Theatre," and, who appeared in one film ('Stage Door Canteen')

It's in relatively decent shape for it's age, some dents/sign of wear, with rusting inside, and a few oxidation of the brass in spots.

Otherwise, you can likely be the only kid on the block that can say you own something that once belonged to Katherine Cornell.

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